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True Nature of Dogs


How to Reach a Positive and Happy Relationship With Your Dog

Purpose: This course will serve as an introduction to C.W. Meisterfeld’s philosophy of dog training. C.W. Meisterfeld was using and writing about positive reinforcement for dog training in the early 50′s. After taking this course the student will be able to apply Meisterfeld’s basic principles of mutual trust & respect.  Rehabilitating aggressive dogs is a focus of this course.

Whether you have a new puppy, a “problem dog”, an aggressive dog, or just want to act properly around dogs, you should take this dog training course. It could save your dog’s life and, at least equally important, save you, innocent children and friends from the horrors of dog bites and from the nightmare of having to put your dog to sleep. The good news is that it will teach you how to reach a positive, mutually satisfactory, happy relationship with your dog without using negative methods in his training, such as intimidation, force, punishment, and pain. Even more amazing it will enable you to do this because you abstain from these negative methods.

C.W.’s methods are based on over 55 years of experience in the uniformly successful training of dogs of all breeds and ages. Even more important, in over 45 years of Specializing in rehabilitation of aggressive dogs, biting dogs, problem dogs, many dogs were saved from death by these methods and returned to their happy owners as safe and well-mannered pets.